One Way Link Building Tips

One Way Link Building Tips

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Increase Website Traffic with Link Exchange

Summary: This article explains how to use link exchange to increase traffic to your website.
Details or Sample: Are you interested in raising your Google PR, boosting your link popularity and improving the quality and amount of traffic to your website? You can do all of these things by discovering the secrets of successful link exchange.

Spam email has almost eradicated the practice of effective link exchange. My goal is to assist webmasters who are interested in professional and effective link exchange to meet their goal.

One Way Link Building Tips: Relevancy

Traffic with Link Exchange Think about it. If you sell fishing equipment what will bring you an increase of sales? The answer is simple. You need a link on a sporting or outdoor hobby website. The trick is to know your target market and understand your customer's needs. What is your target age group? If they have an interest in your product, what type of website would they choose to visit?

The next step is to put yourself in your customer's shoes. If you had an interest in your product, where would you search for it? Now, type that phrase or a series of words into a search engine. What were the results of your search? Ignore your competitors and explore the other websites that came up. Rate the website you find using the following criteria in the order which it appears.

Relevance Relevance.

Design Design.

One Way Link Building Tips Content.

Secret Tips for Building Quality and Natural Looking Links to Your Site Navigation.

The object of a link exchange is to bring serious buyers to your site. Click happy people will not increase sales.


It is a proven fact that website design has a great impact on visitors. If the design is poor, people will not remain on the site. Colors should be easy on the eyes. Text should be clear and concise. This makes visitors feel welcome and prevents them from clicking the back button.


The Internet is about information. It has been dubbed The Information Highway. Content brings readers to your website and can improve its quality substantially. If you offer what people are searching for, they will find you.

It's been said that Content is King and it's true. Well-written content will encourage others to link to your site. This will increase your website's visibility on the Internet. Links from a content site will bring visitors who are interested in your product. In turn, this will increase both traffic and sales.


Navigation must always be search engine friendly. Why? Because you will definitely want the location of your link indexed by search engines.

Link Partners

When choosing link partners, eliminate those that are irrelevant. Then, choose websites that have high growth potential and that are search engine friendly. Look only for top quality websites and avoid those that focus on high PR.

Point of View

In adolescence, the first sign of maturity is empathy - the ability to step into someone else's shoes and see and feel things through their eyes. When writing emails in search of link partners, you must use this ability to look at things from the reader's point of view. Do you really want to open and read another email that has the words "link exchange" in the subject? Not likely! You probably would prefer to read something of interest that holds a bit more allure. Consider using phrases such as 'link opportunity' or "our partnership." Use your imagination and creativity to come up with a subject that hasn't been used excessively.

Email Content

Emails to link partners should always be businesslike and professional. Use complete sentences, proper grammar and punctuation. Compliment a portion of the person's website that is distinguishable. This lets that person know you have visited their site and are familiar with it. Otherwise they may think you found their email address in cyberspace and decided to choose them as a link partner. A personal touch is a key to success.

Be Selective

The old adage, It's what's inside that counts, is obsolete when it comes to websites. It's true that content is of great importance. However, content means little if the design is pathetic. Remember to be very selective when choosing link partners. Ensure your email is professional with a personal touch in order to pique the interest of the reader.
One final note: If you want your link exchange emails to bring you success, never participate in spam email practices.


"Don't wait. The time will never be just right."