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Real Customers with Ezine Advertising

Summary: This article explains how to gain customers with ezine classifieds.

Details or Sample: The electronic magazine, known as an ezine, is the best untapped source of advertising online. Why? Because Ezine Advertising connects your idea or product to people who have similar interests. Here are some examples:

What better place to sell your health product than to people who have subscribed to a health newsletter or ezine.

If your product is a business opportunity, choose an ezine that focuses on business opportunities or MLM and has a large group of people subscribed.

The idea of Ezine Advertising is uncomplicated. However, in order for it to be successful, you must first determine which ezines and newsletters will be productive. This will tell you the best places to advertise and the online publications to avoid.

After researching ezines and newsletters for a year and a half, I was able to create a formula to produce increasing profits. Through this research, I learned to avoid ezines that perform poorly, how to avoid scams and how to recognize the gems.

Strategy for Profit

Use caution to avoid being ripped off once for every three ezines that you advertise with. These ezines will take your money without hesitation and without running your ads. Subsequent e-mails from you will be ignored. They've got your money in their pocket and there's little you can do about it. At other times, the ezine will run your ad with poor results and the money you spent will be wasted. There are several reasons why this happens. You may be clicking on a working link on an abandoned website or you may have chosen to advertise in an unethical newsletter. However, if you take advantage of my research and subsequent strategy, you will be linked to the best ezines online for your target market. This will allow you to get positive results every time you advertise.

Writing Ad Copy

Though intricate details of writing ad copy won't be specified here, there are a few things you should know:

Poorly written and untested ads will not be successful.

Advertise in an affordable ezine the first time you place an ad.

If you aren't confident in your ad writing ability, hire a professional to write killer ads.

When your ad has proven to bring in results, advertise with popular ezines.

Advertising Targets

Never jump into ezine advertising before your research your target group because it will waste time and money. Without research, you will miss out on advertising in the best ezines available.

To determine your advertising target, list possible keyword that relate directly to your product. Then, do a keyword search for ezines, ezine directories and newsletters. For example if you sell herbs, your keyword search would include herbs, supplements, nutrition, health etc. If you sell mortgages, your keyword search would include mortgage, finance, financial, loans etc.

Avoid Co-ops

When conducting your ezine search, it's likely you will find offers for co-op (also known as bulk) ezine advertising. Never use co-op advertising. Most co-ops will not run your ad after you've paid them. Also, they usually contain untargeted ezines that are exceptionally difficult to track.


When you've discovered an ezine target market group, you'll need to determine if is right for your ad. The best way to determine this is by subscribing. Once you receive subscriptions, save them in a file folder to keep them secure.

Subscribe to a wide range of ezines in order to find the ones that will bring you profits. Create a separate e-mail account and use it only for ezine subscriptions.

Double Opt-in Subscriptions

If you subscribe to an ezine and receive an e-mail to confirm, this is a double opt-in. It indicates that the ezine has quality subscribers and there's a lower risk of bulk e-mail addresses. This means a better ad response, which is exactly what you're looking for.

Solo Ads

Within a week, you should see solo ads from other advertisers. If not, the ezine may be new or advertisers have pulled their ads because of poor results. An even worse scenario is that the ezine took the advertiser's money and never ran the ad.

If you see two solo ads daily, the ezine's list is probably over-advertised. What you want to see if one solo ad per day or a minimum of one ad weekly. Keep a sharp eye on this particular ezine.

Subject Line

The ezine's subject line is the most important part of your ad. It should definitely be in the subject line of the e-mail. If not, move on because you won't receive any response to an ad.

Advertiser Response

Repeat advertisers in an ezine is a positive sign. It indicates that subscribers respond. To test response further, check out the ezine's archives. An archive search will tell you how many advertisers ran their ad a second time. Another plus is that when visitors view archives there will be an extra trickle of response to your ad.

Testimonial Page

Check to see if the ezine has a testimonial page. If it does, chances are it's a successful ezine.

Waiting Period

If you choose to advertise in an ezine and there is a waiting period to run your ad, it indicates subscribers are responsive. Popular ezines have a waiting period of a month or more. Ezines that have a waiting period are the best online.

Web Forms

The best ezines provide a web form that takes your ad directly to the publisher's inbox. Usually you will receive an auto response receipt. If the ezine has no web form, e-mail the publisher with a question. If there is no response, you've made a poor choice. After two days, e-mail the publisher again, using a different e-mail account. If there is no communication from the publisher, save time and money and continue your search.

Free Classifieds

Some ezines offer free classifieds. They are a great place to run your ad. Classifieds don't usually produce a response. If there is any activity in free classifieds, it is a strong indication of a large and active readership.

Ad Tracking

Always use ad tracking when you advertise. There are many free ones available. The ad tracker will give you a URL which you use in place of a website address. This allows you to compile important information on visitors, such as where they came from. Some ad trackers also list the number of sales per visitor.

Tracking information is crucial to your ad campaign. It will tell you when you need to change your ad or sales page. Ad trackers also indicate whether or not the ezine produced a good number of visitors for the price of your ad. Run your Ad Twice

If you ran an ad in an ezine and received a terrific response, run the ad in the same ezine within the next two weeks. The second time, response often increases. Resist the urge to run the ad a third time. You probably picked up most of the prospects with the first two ads.

Capture Page and Auto Responder

In order to be successful, you'll want to capture visitors. This is a means to keep them updated on any changes to your products or services. A capture page has a place where visitors can provide contact information. There are several ways to create a capture page. If you're not familiar with installing script on your website, hire a professional.

Visitors can also be sent directly to an auto responder. You can create a series of informational messages on the products and services you offer.

Rotating Ads

Test your ad and create a base of five to then ezines that are solid. Begin rotating your ads in the top performing ezines. For optimum results, be sure to wait for two to three months before running your ad in the same ezine. As your base grows, your results will increase and you will gain a steady profit growth, which will ensure that you are successful.

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