How to submit sites to Top Web Directories

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Summary: This article explains how to submit sites to top web directories.

Details or Sample: You often see the following sentence used to describe traffic to a website: More than 80% of the traffic comes from the top ten search engines. For the majority of websites, the statement is true. But what about web directories? Is it a waste of time to submit your site to them?

Web Promotion Strategy

top webdirectories Directories don't usually bring a lot of traffic to your website, but they do contribute to Inbound links. This increases the site's popularity, which is imperative if you want search engines to rank it near the top.

When a search is done using keywords relevant to your site, it increases your site's link popularity. This enhances the chances of your site showing up near the top of the search results.

When you submit your site to web directories, you increase its visibility and attract traffic from search engines. However, in order to manage directory submissions successfully, you need an excellent strategy. Without one, you will lose energy and waste time.

Site Readiness

Remember, directories aren't created to give free links. Their goal is to provide visitors with top quality sites. To increase your chances to get listed, your site should be well designed and contain content that is both original and useful, or offer a range of useful services. It should never have pages that are under construction and all links should be working. Broken links will cause your site to be rejected.

Other reasons for rejection include:

How to submit sites to top web directories Web Promotion Strategy Too many pop-up or pop-under ads.

get more traffic Duplicate or self-replicated sites.

effective directories Automatic redirect to another domain.

Preparation of Listing Details

Prepare an information list in your favorite text editor. Thing to include on the list are:

web promotion strategy The URL of your site.

title of your website The title of your website. Directories differ here. Some will want the official title of your website, while others will settle for descriptive keywords. Write two or three titles so you can easily comply with the different guidelines.

highly descriptive sentences Write two highly descriptive sentences about your site. Do not use excessive hype, exclamation marks or superlatives. Anything that makes your description read like an ad is to be avoided. The description of your site should always be written in the third person. Avoid phrases such as "we are,"; or "we offer.";

keywords related, Write the keywords again Write keywords related to your site. Always separate them with a comma. Write the keywords again, separating them with a space. Different directories require different keyword format.

full name Write your full name and address.

Once you have completed all of the steps above, save the document. This will allow you to open it and copy and paste the information into directory submission forms, which will avoid errors and save time.

Utilize Clipboard Magic

Clipboard Magic is free software that allows you to save multiple rows of data and load it into Windows clipboard, just by clicking the mouse. If you're going to be filling the same information into multiple online forms, Clipboard Magic is a great tool. It can be downloaded at

Finding Web Directories

Next you will need to find web directories where you can submit your website. Use the top directories to search out specialized and minor directories. Here are a few suggestions:

Spend time at each directory to determine if it is organized. Search out the most appropriate category for your website. If you submit to the wrong category, it is likely your submission will be rejected.

Finally, compile a list of all directories to which you submitted your site. Be sure to record the date of submission.

Verifying Results

Because all directories do not send out e-mails when your site is listed, you should visit the directories to which you submitted on a frequent basis. Then, search for your URL, or the title of your site and flag directories where you find it.

Try to submit your site again if it hasn't been listed after two months. Another option is to contact the directory owner and ask the status of your submission. If the owner doesn't reply, move on. There may be several reasons why the directory chose not to list your site. Remember, all submissions won't be successful.

Submitting your site to web directories can be very time consuming. However, it is an essential part of web promotion strategy. If you plan ahead, it will be a venture that will bring you increased traffic and you will manage it successfully.


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